Administering on Fasting Only on the Day of ‘Ashura’

Shaykh ul-Islam stated: “Fasting upon the arrival of ‘Ashura’ is a reparation for a year, and it isn’t makruh to quick just that day … ” [Al-Fatawa al-Kubra, section 5] In Tuhfat al-Muhtaj by Ibn Hajar al-Haytami, it says: “There is nothing amiss with fasting just on ‘Ashura’.” [Part 3, Bab Sawm at-Tatawwu’]

Fasting on ‘Ashura’ regardless of whether it is a Saturday or a Friday

At-Tahawi (may Allah show benevolence toward him) stated: “The Messenger of Allah (peace and gifts of Allah arrive) enabled us to quick on ‘Ashura’ and asked us to do as such. He didn’t state that on the off chance that it falls on a Saturday we ought not quick. This is confirm that all days of the week are incorporated into this. In our view – and Allah knows best – the reality of the situation could prove that regardless of whether this is valid (that it isn’t permitted to quick on Saturdays), it is with the goal that we don’t revere this day and cease from nourishment, drink and intercourse, as the Jews do. Concerning the person who fasts on a Saturday without proposing to adore it, and does not do as such on the grounds that the Jews view it as favored, at that point this isn’t makruh … ” [Mushkil al-Athar, section 2, Bab Sawm Yawm as-Sabt]

The creator of Al-Minhaj stated: “It is hated (makruh) to quick on a Friday alone … But it is not any more makruh in the event that you add one more day to it, as specified in the sahih answer to that impact. A man may quick on a Friday in the event that it matches with his constant quick, or he is fasting in satisfaction of a promise, or he is making up a compulsory quick that he has missed, as was expressed in a sahih report.”

Cinder Sharih said in Tuhfat al-Muhtaj: “On the off chance that it agrees with his ongoing quick – i.e, for example, in the event that he fasts interchange days, and a day that he fasts happens to be a Friday, on the off chance that he is fasting in satisfaction of a promise, and so forth.” – this additionally applies to fasting on days recommended in Shari’ah, for example, ‘Ashura’ or ‘Arafah. [Tuhfat al-Muhtaj, section 3, Bab Sawm al-Tatawwu’]

Al-Bahuti (may Allah show kindness toward him) stated: “It is makruh to purposely single out a Saturday for fasting, as a result of the hadith of ‘Abdullah ibn Bishr, who detailed from his sister: ‘Don’t quick on Saturdays aside from on account of required fasts’ [reported by Ahmad with a jayyid isnad and by al-Hakim, who stated: as per the states of al-Bukhari], and on the grounds that it is a day that is worshiped by the Jews, so singling it out for fasting implies resembling them … aside from when a Friday or Saturday corresponds with a day when Muslims routinely quick, for example, when it matches with the day of ‘Arafah or the day of ‘Ashura’, and a man has the propensity for fasting on nowadays, in which case it isn’t makruh, on the grounds that a man’s propensity conveys some weight.” [Kashshaf al-Qina’, section 2, Bab Sawm al-Tatawwu’]

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