Make the Vantec EZ Swap F4 calm with another fan

Alright, I posted a survey a few days ago of a Vantec EZ Swap F4 (show MRK-425ST-BK) in which I noticed that the thing shouts like a banshee. Well alright, so perhaps that is a bit excessively sensational, however I don’t care for clamor, best quiet fan and incline toward my innovation to be unpretentious, and the fan in the EZ swap is perceptibly louder than whatever else in my office.

Along these lines, after some diving in the internals of the inlet connector, I found that the stock fan is an A4010L12S, with a speed of 4k rpm’s and yelling out 25dB of clamor. What’s more, its not low-pitched droning commotion, its the little piercing clamor normal for little fans.

Fortunately for me, there are awesome destinations out there who’ve done the exploration into fans.. I’ve for some time been a fan [sic] and peruser of SilentPCReview, which unfortunately is by all accounts falling by the wayside, with not a considerable measure of gathering activity any longer. Its got some extremely learned individuals, yet I figure they never entirely got the promoting right?

Anyway, after some perusing and looking for calm 40mm fan options, it appears that the Scythe Mini KAZE (SY124010L) is a decent alternative out of the accessible 40mm x 10mm fans. Its specs are: 3500rpm, 14dB, and 4.1CFM, which implies in spite of being slower and a whole lot calmer, it ought to even now move an indistinguishable measure of air from the stock fan in the Vantec EZ Swap F4.

Note – you don’t need the “Grass shearer Mini KAZE Ultra”, as its 20mm profound, and won’t fit in the Vantec EZ Swap F4.

So the decent thing about this Mini KAZE is its alrady a 2-stick fan, so this ought to be a fitting and play trade for the stock fan inside the drive confine, and at 10dB lower rating, ought to be substantially less capable of being heard.

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