Cartridge Heater

Cartridge radiators fabricated by DT Heaters and Controls are for OEM business and modern electric warming applications. The cartridge warmers, made with nichrome resistance wire, can be made in both AC and DC designs relying on your custom needs. The resistance wire is encompassed by MGO protection and epitomized in a stainless steel tube before compacted. This gives a hearty cartridge warmer plan as little as 3 mm or 1/8″ in distance across. The run of the mill watt thickness of our cartridge warmers are in the 50-75 Watts for every square inch. However in specific applications like plastic infusion form warming we can accomplish watt densities as high as 350 Watts for every square inch in our uniquely designed cartridge radiators. split cartridge heater Notwithstanding the high watt densities and our industry driving low costs, we can join welded NPT strings, Stainless Steel Hose and Stainless Steel Braid into our vigorous cartridge warmers. Also DT outlines an assortment of Temperature Sensors for the OEM producers of modern and business applications. We additionally give SSR’s to power exchanging of your electric cartridge radiator. Single circle PID temperature controllers round out your entire warm arrangement.

The interesting component found in an Electric Cartridge Heater is it’s capacity to be made impenetrable to water and different liquids. This can be proficient by welding a spine onto the finish of the cartridge radiator. Another approach to make the cartridge warmers reasonable for water applications is to utilize a pressure fitting organ. This is regularly best held for lower temperature applications. Most likely the best strategy for making a cartridge warmer for a water application is to weld a NPT pipe string onto the finish of the cartridge radiator.

Connection to new rust free cartridge warmer outline

Components and Benefits

Swagged sheath

Custom size lengths and widths

Part sheath alternative

Metric measurements accessible

Discretionary leads and plans accessible

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