Desserts and chocolate industry

Desserts and chocolate industry

We offer the entire range of our item range to the desserts and chocolate industry for adjusting off and extending its reaches. Our assortment of shapes offers boundless potential outcomes.

Preparing industry

The preparing business likewise utilizes our extensive variety of items, e.g. private label chocolate manufacturers the prevalent chocolate bars. The mocca beans are a run of the mill design item and finish the arrangement of many surely understood makers.

Dessert industry

For the frozen yogurt industry Farüchoc produces added substances or molded pieces for enhancement and a stunningly better taste of the dessert.

Exchange (private and permit mark)

Farüchoc is your accomplice on the off chance that you need to offer something other than chocolate, e.g. selective bundling for blessing things, new items for kids or just a fantastic tasting chocolate in exceptional molds like little bars, small chocolate pieces, formed pieces or mocca beans.

Limited time items industry

Farüchoc likewise takes care of the requests of the limited time items industry. What our clients are searching for above all is imagination, instantaneousness and in the nick of time activity and additionally client administrations. We prompt our clients on their thoughts and bolster organizations in inquiries of plan and acknowledgment.

Providing food exchange, lodgings, eateries

Scaled down bars, napolitains, sleep time desserts… let your creative energy run wild – for the advantage of your visitors. Together with you our plan group influences your desires to work out as expected on all inquiries concerning shape, estimate, taste, wrapping and bundling.

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