The most effective method to get from the fundamental Bangkok Airport to Don Muang Airport

Numerous voyagers are at present searching for up and coming data concerning how to exchange between Bangkok’s two air terminals: Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. In this travel tip we will disclose the principle approach to get between both airplane terminals. Without a doubt more individuals are currently worried with this exchange as Air Asia, the well known minimal effort carrier has now migrated to Don Muang,(DMK) having beforehand been bangkok airport transfer at Suvarnabhumi (BKK) Bangkok’s fundamental worldwide air terminal.

Free Shuttle

There is a free transport that is currently running between both airplane terminals from 5am till Midnight consistently.To go from Suvarnabhumi (Main Bangkok Airport)- Don Muang: get on the Shuttle transport at Level 2 between doors 2 and 3To go from Don Muang – Suvarnabhumi: take the bus transport at the ground floor landing of terminal 1. Takeoff from Don Muang is outside Gate 5 it is anything but difficult to discover with a blue counter close-by.The ride takes around one hour relying upon movement and there are no stops between airplane terminals.

Suvarnabhumi Airport repeated to us that one needs their carrier ticket for their outbound flight convenient. (i.e. to get on the transport destined for DMK you need your flight ticket for your DMK flight close by.)

This is the free transport plan:

Open Bus and Taxi

There is an open transport # 555 which keeps running between the two airplane terminals with around 5 stops en route. There are takeoffs at regular intervals and the cost at time of composing is 36 baht and the transport keeps running from 04:00-23:00. The ride is around 60 minutes.

For Transit amid hours at which the bus and open transport don’t work a taxi is the best choice.

A snappy refresh on the matter:

There have been many questions and inquiries regarding the van and exchanges between these two air terminals since the administration initially began. We keep on receiving numerous request from explorers here in the remarks and email so we need to tell you that everything composed here starting today is precise. We keep getting criticism from explorers and the airplane terminal on the theme. Should you have any updates or perceptions from your own voyages please let us know.

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