Enchantment Pillowcase Tutorial

Hello Ribbon Retreat perusers! It’s Michaela from Covered in Mod Podge back once more. Today, I’m sharing an instructional exercise for a Magic Pillowcase that runs extraordinary with the Ruffled Strip Quilt from two or three weeks back!

Between the second and third grade, my family moved from Northern to Southern California. I didn’t take the move well, by any stretch of the imagination. white pillow cases In endeavors to get me connected to my new group, my mother marked me up for move, tumbling, Girl Scouts, b-ball, and sewing lessons.

For goodness’ sake, my mother chose that sewing lessons ought to be separated of the making me feel like I fit in. I took them for about a year. Any other individual pondering about how this assisted with the fitting in thing? It beyond any doubt didn’t! Young lady Scouts spared me. I set away my sewing machine and never thought back.

That is, until I discovered I was pregnant with my little girl. They needed me to pay what amount for a sweeping I could make myself!?! I am glad to the point that I hauled that sewing machine out. It’s permitted me to build up a brilliant leisure activity and make some extraordinary things for my daughter. I am so pleased to have a momma made stitch went to her young lady bed.

What’s this need to do with today’s instructional exercise? Well I’m coming to back to a lesson learned in the third grade. It’s known as the Magic Pillowcase. What makes this pillowcase enchantment is that the majority of the creases are encased. No completing creases and no stressing over fraying through the large number of washes that bedding requires.

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