Forex Managed Account Questions

1-How much is your base Forex Managed Account ?

We propose to begin with Standard Forex Managed Account with least 100000$ yet you can begin with our Retail accounts begin from $10000 or our Mini records begin from $1000.

2-What is distinction between Standard Forex Managed Account begin from $100.000 and Mini Fx Accounts begin from $1000 ?

There is not much distinction between them but rather Standard Accounts exchange with Safe Risk yet Mini records exchange with High Risk so the outcome is distinctive, on standard records you get bring down benefit however there is much lower hazard for you so the fundamental measure of your venture is protected yet in Mini records you get more benefit yet you put higher hazard on your principle speculation, forex cashback typically smaller than normal records is useful for those financial specialists need to chance and there is not essential for them if lose cash but rather they acknowledge to hazard twofold their cash in brief time.

3-What sorts Forex Managed Account you have?

we have 4 sorts of Forex Managed Account Retail – Standard – VIP – Gold VIP sorts.

4-Do you deal with my Forex Investments in Fxstay Team account or in isolated record ?

As we do clear every customer open his/her record with himself/herself and speculator can pull back and we simply exchange and financial specialist access to record unsurpassed, its one of our points of interest since we need our customers trust to us and we additionally believe them so every customer have isolated record however in the event that they need they can utilize Fxstay Team account yet there is no entrance to account.

5-How much you get benefit per a month ?

Benefit is different every month and it depends to the market however in the event that you need a normal we get from 1% toss 10% for every a month.

6-Do you have any Forex Managed Account Performance?

Past execution is not really demonstrative of future outcomes.

7-How much benefit offer of speculator per every month ?

Depends to your Forex Managed Account sort benefit offer is distinctive for more data Contact US .

8-How about misfortune?

The misfortune is a piece of Forex and this is the hazard that financial specialist must acknowledge it in light of the fact that every business has some risk.But the misfortune is restricted as we exchange with safe hazard on most Forex Managed Accounts and as we are colleague and expert in any case on the off chance that you don’t chance so there is no gathering.

9-What sort of Forex representatives you exchange with?

Fxstay Management Team exchange with NFA [National Futures Association] FSA [Financial Services Authority] and FINMA [ Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority ] directed specialists.

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