How to Get More Followers on Instagram: 10,000 Instagram Followers in 2 Weeks

How to Get More Followers on Instagram
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Odds are you’ve known about a little application called Instagram. It’s somewhat hard not to notice a standout amongst the most prevalent web-based social networking systems on the planet. Based upon its basic commence of clients sharing and preferring pictures, it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why you may think Instagram isn’t for your business.

Be that as it may, Instagram has turned out to be one of the quickest developing web-based social networking systems on the planet, and everybody is scrambling to discover how to exploit this dash for unheard of wealth. Which makes one wonder: What do I require with a specific end goal to make a blemish on Instagram?

The answer is devotees. It’s a definitive Instagram metric, which fundamentally states in crude numbers how well known you are. For brands, it characterizes what number of individuals will have the capacity to see the greater part of the decent pictures you distribute. Devotees are fundamentally similar to adorable puppies; the more you have, the happier you are.

So the greater question is: How would you get more supporters on Instagram? Like, loads of Instagram supporters. To make your business detonate. What’s more, snappy. All things considered, we’ve discovered one quite great strategy for doing only that.

Around two weeks back, Foundr propelled its Instagram account (you can discover it here. Look at it!). In that time, we went from 0 supporters to more than 10,000. We accomplished this by taking after a moderately direct process we threw together. We’ve worked out every one of the means simultaneously, so read on in case you’re keen on the best way to get more Instagram devotees and make your business detonate!

As should be obvious from the picture beneath, Instagram has expanded our client transformation rate by over 30%!

instagram manage transformation rate

The consideration you get on Instagram, and the crowd you draw in, is fundamentally more intrigued than some other online networking channel, excepting Facebook (which has its own particular constraints). That is the force of having a visual account that is completely in your control, which is the reason we’ve seen our transformation rate soar—individuals are really inspired by what we are sharing and advertising.

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Here are the greatest lessons we’ve learned:


The initial step to getting more adherents on Instagram is to produce the correct substance. This may appear glaringly evident, however we generally observe it getting dismissed. Discover what your clients appreciate seeing on Instagram or what subjects impacts them, and populate your record with important pictures.

A decent approach to discover what your clients like is by looking at what your opposition is posting, or what sort of symbolism is utilized as a part of the sites or web journals that are mainstream in your industry. There are sorts of pictures that function admirably with most enterprises, however; publications with motivational or amusing quotes, quality sustenance photography, or grand pictures are sure things when all is said in done.

In case you’re in an industry where what you’re offering is as of now outwardly engaging, photographs of what you do is not an awful thought either. Be that as it may, keep such pictures in the minority; posting a considerable measure about yourself via web-based networking media is much the same as being the individual at BBQ who just discusses themselves.

On that note, it’s truly vital that you don’t risk “oversharing.” A big name can escape with it in light of the fact that an expansive piece of their allure and brand is their own life. Fans are really inquisitive in the matter of what Beyonce is having for supper or what precisely it is the Rock is cooking. In case you’re running an individual record, that is additionally thoroughly fine, since it’s express and clear this is a record for sharing your regular daily existence.

Be that as it may, in case you’re running an expert record, unless your own photographs really fit in with the topic of your image, it’s not a smart thought. For instance, as a CEO or organizer, an individual photograph of how you’ve composed your function work area would fit in with your subject. An individual photograph of you in Vegas doesn’t have a similar impact.

Oversharing implies that you miss out on engagement on the grounds that your substance is quite recently too off point and confounding to fabricate a steady group of onlookers.

instagram direct foundr magazine

On Instagram, engagement is above all else. For best outcomes, we discovered pictures that trigger a feeling or inquiries that inspire some idea work truly well. For instance, this picture underneath got more than 10% engagement. For Instagram, we’re informed that 1% engagement is better than average, so go figure!

instagram control high engagement


Expect to post all the time, about once every three to four hours. Notwithstanding, don’t mass post an entire group of photographs in one sitting; clients will regularly view this as spam and unfollow you. Consider it like sowing seeds. You would prefer not to simply connect every one of your seeds to a gap in one go; you need to spread them out.

You’re going for consistency. On the off chance that your group of onlookers can’t serenely depend on you to post consistently, you’re not going to discover many individuals willing to tail you if will post something once in a while.

Luckily, you can plan your substance on the off chance that you utilize an apparatus like JustUnfollow or Latergramme. Shockingly, Instagram’s API doesn’t give different administrations a chance to post for you, yet you can pre-fill and bunch them.

instagram control latergramme

*Please note you can just post from the Instagram Mobile or Tablet application. You can’t post by means of the site when you are signed in.


On Instagram, your bio is critical. You can best make utilization of this segment by having a solid invitation to take action (which is essentially promoting represent a direction for your watcher to accomplish something). You can utilize something like 150 characters, so a short smart CTA works best. For us, it was: “Get your free duplicate of Foundr today!”

instagram manage bio CTA

So as to make a solid CTA, you need to be as straightforward and simple as could be expected under the circumstances. Since you just get one live connection with regards to Instagram, which is in your bio, you need to have the capacity to get however much incentive as could be expected out of that connection.

A solid CTA ought to be an outright easy decision for your gathering of people. You definitely realize that they can see your substance, so make it worth their while to really investigate your bio by offering something that you know they’ll adore.

4. Utilize HASHTAGS

Hashtags (watchwords went before by #) may appear to be something just irritating young people utilize, however that is not exactly genuine. They are a path for watchers to explore effortlessly to subjects they’re keen on. Appending #hashtag(s) to your picture, in this manner, empowers your substance to be discovered simpler by the individuals who don’t as of now tail you. To start with, research the most prominent hashtags to your specialty, and after that order them. For us, this included building a colossal rundown of catchphrases that we found were significant to what we do and what our pictures for the most part are about (#entrepreneur, #business, #startup). Second, begin a remark on the photograph and embed the hashtags there.

Keep in mind, don’t put your hashtags into the depiction of the photograph itself. Placing them in the remark area rather will conceal your rundown of watchwords after others have included remarks. You likewise won’t superfluously beef up your photograph depiction, permitting you to you keep your portrayal segment free for a convincing ad spot about the photograph.

instagram direct Example Post 1 with CTA


Under the portrayal in every photograph, incorporate another suggestion to take action. This CTA would be more applicable to the photograph, and presumably not be the same as the one you utilized as a part of your bio. It’s a gentler inquire.

You can think about a CTA as an approach to remind individuals that there is a move they could make. By adding a CTA to your picture, everything you’re doing is reminding your supporters that they don’t need to simply look on past, they can really do different things, including preferring your photo, or composing a remark.

Keep in mind, the one thing you need to enhance the most with your group of onlookers is engagement—you need them to be occupied with and actually associated with your image and your record. Delicately promising them to put not as much as a moment into every post does ponders for developing that engagement!

Cases of CTAs are “tag your companions who are this way,” or “twofold tap on the off chance that you concur.” Always give your fans something to do. This helps your record spread like rapidly spreading fire. You wouldn’t expect it, however “twofold tap on the off chance that you concur,” specifically, has been an amazing magnet for communication on Foundr’s posts.

instagram direct CTA

instagram direct label somebody

6. Tail OTHERS

In one of our past posts, we expressed that one of the keys of substance advertising came down to duplicating others. With regards to Instagram promoting, it is the same. With the correct apparatuses, we can repeat the accomplishment, down to the clients, another brand has had. With a specific end goal to help us do this, we discovered this super cool, super effective device called “Crowdfire.” Crowdfire permits you to see which individuals take after a particular brand, and afterward take after those clients. It likewise permits you to unfollow the individuals who have not tailed you back.

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