Iltija – Story – ARY Digital Drama

Some of the time just love is insufficient for a relationship to succeed. It requires satisfaction of guarantees, satisfaction, support, trust and remaining by in hour of test.

‘Iltija’, the play is a story which is not just about affection and marriage but rather the test which comes after the introduction of an incapacitated kid.

This dramatization recounts the narrative of a parent bringing up a kid with an exceptionally normal handicap knows as down disorder.

Hina is the principle lead of this story. She cherished Sameer and wedded him; not comprehending what was coming her way.Sameer, the sole provider of his home, substantiates himself a steadfast spouse yet flops in turning into a dependable father.

In the long run, Hina needed to go out and live with her mom.

Hina brings up her little girl Khushi and battles for her when no one backings her choice. Enter Hadi, Khushi’s educator who bolstered her like a father when even her own dad repudiated her.

The story is not just about the trio. There is Adeela, Sameer’s senior sister who will bolster Hina won’t have the capacity to express it transparently. At that point there is Saqib, Adeela’s significant other and a malicious character in the story.

Guardians of impaired youngsters require a great deal of fearlessness to raise them and the difficulties for them are endless. “Iltija” is a push to highlight the issues such guardians confront.

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