Nikkor 24 – 120mm F4G – Lightweight and SHARP

Alright, I let it be known. I’m somewhat of a focal point big talker. I cherish quality glass, and I convey a huge number of focal points to each wedding. I don’t pack a huge amount of focal points with for reasons unknown. I utilize them ALL. One day I’ll post a blog about each, yet today I need to give a yell out to my F4 Nikkor focal points that enable me to shed some weight for SOME parts of the big day without giving up execution or sharpness. Provo wedding photographer I NEVER thought I’d claim any F4 focal points. I start every day with my Nikkor 85mm F1.4G on one D4S, and my Nikkor 35mm F1.4G on another D4S. I additionally convey a Nikkor 28mm 1.4D, and a collection of different treats also. It’s an expansive unit, and I utilize everything clinched.

The big day is long. That is to say, truly long now and again. I work hard for my customers, and I can’t ever give a minute a chance to go without ensuring I’ve done all that I can to catch those minutes in the most innovative way imaginable. I’ve been shooting professionally now for a long time. Better believe it, embed age joke here… .. At 52, or hell, at any age, it’s physically depleting to convey any measure of gear throughout the day, not to mention leader cameras with quick glass. While I tend to shoot with the most shallow profundity of field feasible for quite a bit of a big day, I additionally perceive when I require more profundity too. Enter my Nikkor F4G focal points. The Nikkor 70-200 F4G, Nikkor 24-120mm F4G, and the Nikkor 16-35mm F4G have been in my sack now for a couple of months. My neck, shoulders, arms, and my whole body express gratitude toward them. These lightweight devices have enabled me to shed weight without surrendering a thing. I shoot the primary move, parent moves, and numerous different components of the gathering at F4 to permit some space for mistake, so why not shoot them with lighter rigging? They concentrate well in low light, and unless I have to open up more extensive than F4, they’re perfect for wedding gatherings, family formals, and whatever else I needn’t bother with a shallow profundity of field for.

On the off chance that you’d asked me a couple of years back in the event that I’d utilize F4 glass-I’d have said “no chance”. To me, they were by and large viewed as “novice” focal points. Today, it is highly unlikely I’d manage without them given how much fresher I feel following a tiresome wedding day shoot. These focal points are worked to last, concentrate quick, and they’re as sharp as anything Nikkor produces. Many may state, “why on the planet does anybody convey that much rigging to a wedding?” Fortunately, I don’t. I have stunning partners who help me with the greater part of my apparatus, and we pack everything in a clean Tamrac moving strongbox. My associates and I are cooperative on the big day, and they frequently realize what I require before I require it. The greater part of my rigging is joined into my work process consistently.

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