quality water tank

Aquapella is a quality water tank.

We have trucks with variable capacity from 7 to 12 cubic meters and powerful liquid ring vacuum pump, which deplete all accumulated material and then transport to the disposal site indicated by the city or local administration limpa fossa .

The pit drainage is indicated for:

Cleaning, depletion and disposal of residential septic tanks
In São Paulo, it is important to have transportation authorization with Cetesb.
Cleaning of boxes of grease
Especially in restaurants and hotels, where the accumulation of waste is greater.
Exhaustion of floods, pools and decantation ponds
Exhaustion, transport and discharge of chemical products

We clean your pit quickly and safely.

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep a staff of qualified staff to answer your questions. Our commitment to providing quality service has captivated many valuable customers.

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