A water based covering giving a low sheen climate safe wrap up. In a perfect world suited for the embellishment and assurance of rooftop tiles, mineral composite rooftop surfaces and asbestos sheeting. Amazingly tough painting company durbanville.

Scope 1ltr for each 3m2 relying upon substrate.

Rooftop Tile Paint for Tile and Slates

Tile Renovation Coating

Safe water-based warm covering, decreases CO2 outflows, benefits the earth, contains Ceramic Spheres which help enhance the insulative properties of the rooftop, eco-accommodating.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is a superb water based acrylic covering, outlined as a durable outside enlivening and defensive complete for cement and fiber bond rooftop tiles. The covering has fabulous toughness and shading properties which brings life once again into the rooftop tiles.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is appropriate for use on outside cement and fiber concrete rooftop tiles. Superb attachment to permeable surfaces.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint can be brush or splash connected.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is not to be utilized on painted surfaces or high thickness/low suction substrates, for example, coated block, coated tiles, building blocks, dirt and sand dressed earth tiles.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint is accessible in Terracotta, Tile Red, Autumn Brown, Tile Brown, Sage Green, Country Green, Gray Stone and Slate Gray. It is presently likewise accessible in Black.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint comes in 5 liters or 15 liters holders.

Surface Finish

The Resto Roof Tile Paint conveys a matt wrap up.

Spreading Rate

The scope relies on upon the surface and porosity of the tile surface after power washing and repair.

Apply 2 even coats at a general scope of 2.5 square meters for each liter.

Splash suggestion — can be airless showered — counsel maker for further points of interest.

Dry to touch in 60 minutes.

The second coat then might be connected 4-6 hours after the primary coat has dried.

The Resto Roof Tile Paint will last up to 12 months if store effectively in an unopened compartment. Store over 5 degrees C.

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