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ROOPAWAN provides wide range of reputable brand names In this sincere and sharp new novel, Danielle Steel commends the temperances of whimsical magnificence while investigating profoundly full issues of weight, mental self view, sisterhood, and family.

A tubby young lady with light hair, blue eyes, and common looks, Victoria Dawson has dependably learned about of place in her family, particularly in body-cognizant L.A. Her dad, Jim, is tall and thin, and her mom, Christina, is a fine-boned, dim haired excellence. Both are conceited, blunt, and disillusioned by their little girl’s looks. At the point when Victoria is six, she sees a photo of Queen Victoria, and her dad has dependably said she looks simply like her. After the introduction of Victoria’s ideal more youthful sister, Gracie, her dad got a kick out of the chance to allude to his firstborn as “our analyzer cake.” With Gracie, everybody concurred that Jim and Christina took care of business.

While her folks and sister can eat anything and not pick up an ounce, Victoria must watch all that she eats, and in addition persevere through her dad’s deprecating remarks about her body and see her scholastic accomplishments go unacknowledged. Frozen yogurt and larger than average helpings of all the wrong sustenances give her solace, however just quickly. The one thing she knows is that she needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from home, and after school in Chicago, she moves to New York City.

Getting her fantasy work as a secondary teacher, Victoria cherishes working with her understudies and takes up arms against her weight at the exercise center. Regardless of strain with her folks, Victoria stays near her sister. Furthermore, however they couldn’t be more unique in looks, they cherish each other unequivocally. Be that as it may, paying little respect to her achievements, Victoria’s folks know exactly what to state to cut her down. She will dependably be her dad’s “young lady,” and her mom’s consistent objection is similarly unkind.

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