Sri Lankan Visa

While applying ETA by outsiders installments are to be made through the plan made in our site and acquire affirmation of ETA application. Any installments made to different sites or offices are not legitimate to prepare a substantial ETA. Along these lines, dependably guarantee that the installments made by getting to Sri Lanka ETA site and abstain from making reimbursement at the port of section to Sri Lanka.

What is a Sri Lankan Visa?

A Sri Lankan visa is a support on a travel permit or a comparative archive to encourage the legitimate section of non Sri Lankans into the nation and to control the time of their stay and the conditions overseeing such remain.

What are the Types of Sri Lankan Visas?

There are four sorts of visas which allow a man to enter as well as remain in Sri Lanka.

Visit Visa

A Visit Visa is a section allow meaning the assent of the Sri Lankan Government for the affirmation of an outside national to the nation. The Visa contains points of interest of the timeframe and the condition/s of the remain.

There are two sub-classes which go under visit visas :-

1. Visitor Visit Visa

A Tourist Visa is issued to real vacationers who need to enter Sri Lanka for touring, outings, unwinding, visit relatives or yoga preparing for a brief timeframe.

2. Business Purpose Visa

A Business Purpose Visa is issued to outside nationals who visit Sri Lanka for business purposes for brief timeframe. This visa might be issued for single or twofold adventures.

Habitation Visa

A habitation visa is an allow for a non-Sri Lankan to acquire home offices for uncommon purposes.There are eight sub-classes which go under living arrangement visas

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