Looking for suunto traverse alpha review? You have landed on the right page we have got all the information about this masterpiece. All information shared on this post is taken by tell me best website. The content is written after taking permission from them.

So here is the detail review from our website. This is  a GPS website  by that we mean to say that it will have the coordinates of where you are on the globe with pin point accuracy. Another cool point of this website is that you will be able to track down your entire path of the travel. Simple open up the computer and link it with you watch. It will show you the path followed by you while you were out in the wilderness.

Another cool fact is that this watch is very durable. It is made of glass which is of sapphire and it will last for life time. Please note that this the second most tough object in the universe which occur naturally  upto now. Yes scientists have made tougher artificial objects but that does not make this affordable.

The machine will be able to record the gun shots you make. Gun will make a screenshot of where you do the shot and you can watch later exactly where did you do the gun shot and mark it on the map. This later helps to analyse that which spots are best for hunting and for next time you can be more active in pointing out which spot to go first while out in wilderness hunting in the dark.

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