Utah DUI Attorney Cara Tangaro – Your Best Defense

Accused Of DUI in Utah?

Tangaro Law gives a forceful safeguard to people accused of DUI in Utah.

Ms. Tangaro, has huge experience and skill taking care of DUI cases for customers as a Salt Lake City DUI Lawyer and encompassing zones.

In any event, DUI Lawyer Ogden Utah we will probably limit the results of a DUI conviction.

At last we might want to stay away from a DUI conviction by and large.

You Deserve The Best Representation

Ms. Tangaro has protected many DUI customers. Her experience as a previous Salt Lake County prosecutor furnishes her with preference of knowing how the arraignment will screen and present their case.

Unlawful Arrest?

She will investigate the likelihood of unlawful capture, flawed test outcomes, and will uncover any police or indicting lawyer botches that could help you procure a case rejection. This may include:

Testing the stop

Testing the capture

Testing the field temperance tests

Testing a breath or blood test

Survey of officer’s dash camera film

Your Drivers License Hearing

Not at all like numerous lawyers, when you contract Tangaro Law, we speak to you in all parts of your case, including your driver’s permit hearing and an again bid if essential.

DUI in Utah – Your Drivers License

Regardless of whether you employ Tangaro Law or not, recollect that you have just TEN days to ask for a driver’s permit hearing which will decide whether your driver’s permit will be suspended.

To date, Utah does not offer temporary driver’s permit for work, school and other vital errands.

Your driver’s permit hearing is a basic part and is separate from the criminal part of your case.

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